The Perks of Mobile Pet Grooming

It is a self-contained custom van that arrives in your homes and offers professional service to care for your pets’ grooming needs. Preferred nowadays by pet lovers and today’s busy pet owners, the idea of a pet grooming at home service is widely loved and accepted. Convenience, a touch of indulgence and exclusive attention for your pet makes it desirable to avail. The van is customized to accommodate the needs of your dog and cat; furnished with table, clippers, lights and more. A hot water heater is also available to ensure the perfect bath temperature and therapeutic bathing system that cleans and soothes your pet.

The van is fully equipped with an inverter that supplies electricity with about sixty-five gallons of water reservoir and a separate tank that can hold another sixty-five gallons of dirt that is emptied later back at the office. Therefore, there is no need for pet owners to offer their own resources to the dallas mobile pet grooming service.

You will pay more for mobile pet grooming services over non-mobile pet grooming services, but not much. An average cost will be around ten to twenty dollars which is worth it considering the benefits.

The Perks of Mobile Pet Grooming
  • It saves time and no need to wait for any behind schedules. No need to take the hassle of driving to and picking up your pet.
  • The pet gets undivided attention since no other pets will be the inside the van once session starts.
  • There is less exposure to pets that are infected or ill

Could there be anything more convenient than walking your dog and cat out the front door and into the hands of a pet groomer? You don’t have to get yourself ready or your pet ready for a ride. Before you know it, the session will be done in a jiffy and your pet can go back home. Make a phone call and schedule your appointments at the nearest pet mobile grooming office today.