Proper Pomeranian Grooming

With regards to grooming, a Pomeranian needs a higher level of maintenance. It needs more frequent and detailed grooming tasks that involve patience and attention. However, a Pomeranian can tolerate these routine when started at a young age. The Pomeranian has immense tolerance to being touched and may grow to enjoy grooming sessions in the long run.

For health reasons, a structured routine is recommended. To avoid any irregularities of the hair and overall health, dog cleaning should be done on a regular basis.


The Pomeranian is famous for its long coat. There is no need to shave its coat. If the inner layer is shaved, the coat may never grow back and shaving it does little for comfort or function trimming is perfectly fine. Trimming is usually done by a professional dog groomer in the area to keep the coat looking nice and to get rid of excess fur especially the paw.

To keep it neat and tidy, a minor trim can be done two to three months as needed. This is to straighten out the pieces that may have grown longer than the others. The minor trim involves trimming about 1/8 to ¼ inch of dried looking tips. Trimming this off allows the longer guard hairs to project properly and to maintain that rounded look on its appearance.

For hygienic reasons, a Pomeranian’s anal area is also trimmed or shaved. This is a great help in keeping the dog clean since feces tend to stick on long hairs on that area.

Nail Care

Nail trimming should be done two to three months without fail. You may need a professional’s help with this task though it is also possible to do it on your own. An electric grinder works better than a nail clipper and reduces the chance of making mistakes. It simply files the nail down as opposed to cutting. The only disadvantage is the noise.

Long nails make noises when a dog walks on hard surface. Though, it does not harm the dog at first. It is important to care for the nails as it will become ingrown nails later on.

Grooming the Coat

Set a reasonable time for your Pomeranian to be groomed. Putting effort into grooming a dog can be stressful but rewarding. This breed of dog is famous for having soft fur. If taken well enough, the Pomeranian will look splendid on its own. Here are some tips that could help improve a Pomeranian’s appearance.

  • Make changes of the dog’s fur style depending on the season. They require more fur care than expected.
  • Brush the hair on a regular basis to avoid tangles and matting on the coat. Comb, then brush. Then, comb again. If tangling is noticed, lather hands with dog conditioner and work out the knot. If you are not able to remove the knot, then cut it with sharp scissors.
  • Never brush its dry coat. Doing this overtime will eventually will ruin the fur. The fur may develop split ends or even removal of the protective layer might occur as a result.
  • Use a leave on conditioner on coat when necessary. This protects coat from constant friction and helps prevent dead ends. It can also protect the coat from being damage from the harmful sun’s rays. Not only does it have protective properties, it can also bring a nice scent to its fur.
  • Use a quality dog wash. Human shampoos are not suitable for dogs. It dries the coat, making it brittle and prone to split ends. Ordinary dog shampoo can also produce the same results as human shampoo. So, find the best quality shampoo you can or ask an excellent dog groomer about it.
  • Purchase the right grooming tools to achieve best results. If the right tools are used, the oils in the shaft will be evenly distributed to the fur making it healthy and fluffy.
  • Slicker brush- great for pulling out shredded hairs
  • Pin brush- best used for grooming
  • Double-sided metal comb- excellent tool for checking tangles. The wider teeth side is good for the whole coat while the other side with fine teeth is good for small areas such as the face and near ears.

Dog Bath

The best time to begin cleaning the puppies is when they reach six to seven weeks old or when the mother stops cleaning them. Before it reaches the age of eight weeks old, the owner must wipe down the puppy with a soft washcloth and warm water. Begin touching your puppy at this stage so that it gets used to being handled by its owner.

Begin bathing by using warm water. Use a basin as small as a kitchen sink with nonslip mat laid at the bottom. Fill the basin with one to two inches of warm water before putting the puppy inside. Be careful not to allow water to enter the ear canal. Then, scrub all areas of the body that includes legs, underbelly and tail. Use a spray nozzle when possible. This allows water to reach the skin, letting the water to properly rinse out of the fur. Proper rinsing is essential as this prevents cake formation. Towel dries after rinsing. Do not rub on the coat but tap it by using a towel in a gentle motion.

Keep your Pomeranian healthy and well-groomed. A healthy Pomeranian has a happy owner.