Checklists of Grooming Shih Tzu at Home

Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed also known as the Chrysanthemum dog. Though its name means little lion too, it is the complete opposite of a fierce looking lion. It is adorably cute, homely and friendly to people. Whether its hair is long or short, still it looks cute. But most often the long hair Shih Tzu experiences matting which makes dog grooming necessary for them.

Shih Tzu Grooming at Home

It is recommended to pet owners to start pet grooming at home as early as possible, much better if started when it is still a puppy. By grooming your dog from the day it was brought, conditions its mind for grooming to be part of its routine. The puppy will learn that brushing and handled as part of its routine. Thus, avoiding too much fuss and protest later in life.

An easy routine will not take more than five to ten minutes each day. It improves the dog’s well-being and enhances pet and pet owner relationship.

  • Assess the dog’s eyes for swelling and soreness. The Shih Tzu’s eyes are sensitive and its hairs often run down to its eyes causing staining. This is not alarming but it looks a bit mucky. For this reason, you can purchase a dog wash or shampoo for staining.
  • Trim your dog’s fringe or feet when necessary. Get a pair of scissors in case you will need it.
  • Check its ears for discharge. Sniff it and identify if it is malodorous. Malodorous ear could indicate infection or ear mites which needs a medical attention. See a vet if this happens.
  • Inspect its teeth and gums for swelling. Brushing its teeth could be a good. Make sure approved toothpaste and brush is used.
  • Comb his body all throughout. Gently untangle the hairs that are clumped.
  • Lift each paw and inspect. Pretend to snip his nails with clippers. This is a good practice for it to get used to the actual nail clipping.
  • Check the anal area for swelling. Check for impacted or infected glands seen on either side of its side. If this occurs, schedule a visit to the vet.

Professional Shih Tzu Grooming

If you don’t have the time grooming your dog, then seek professional help at your local dog groomers nearby. Most Shih Tzu wear their coats clipped. It is manageable this way. They need clipping every few two to three months. Ask for recommendations from friends or pet lovers for affordable dog grooming services before taking a registration. A professional groomer will offer you several clip styles that is suitable to you and your dog.