How to Do Trendy Dog Haircuts

Whether long-haired or short haired, dogs need to be clean and looking good at all times. Grooming your dog, brushing its fur and trimming are ways you could keep them clean. Haircuts are also necessary to keep their hair from matting and shedding. Here are some of the dog haircuts suitable for different breeds.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a simple haircut. It is an easy maintenance cut and can be done by anyone. Basically, it is the next step beyond the summer cut.

Take out your grooming tools and start by dog cleaning. After a cleanup, the hair transformation starts. Lift the hair up by using a comb so it stands up from the body and legs. This will help in easily cutting through the hair. Start cutting the base of the skull. Following the lay of the coat, clip the hair on the neck, shoulders, chest, body and legs. Include the underside part in cutting.

Lamb Trim

A lamb trim is good for different types of dogs especially the long-haired dogs. It will look good on poodles, terriers, large breeds and toy breeds. It is an all-purpose haircut, good for cooling and reducing shedding.

Prepare the grooming tools like number seven clipper blade and number four clipper blade. Clip the neck area to the shoulder are with number seven clipper blade. Clip down the front and blend it off at the chest. Then, clip the back and body, blend it off at the shoulders and hip. Creating a smooth transition from the short hair to the long hair is the key to achieve this look. Continue around the underside and take care of the growing hair on part too.

Teddy Bear Trim

Groomers define teddy bear trim as one length or the same length all over the body and legs. This cut should bring out the cuteness of the dog. The hair length is about a half to one inch from the skin.

With your dog facing away, start cutting the top of back, shaping the body then down to the rear legs. Now, turn the dog towards you. Lower its head down, and cut the hair on the neck and the shoulders. Blend it off into the front legs and around the chest. Cut the hair on the rear the same way you cut the front legs. Blend it down until you reach the hip and into the leg. You can use scissors or clippers

Poodle Top Knot

Top knot is a hair on the top of the head. It is usually done to poodles, a style that would permit putting a bow on the long hair at the top of the head. It looks more like a poufy poodle style.

The groomer must place the dog in a sitting position. Expose the ear canal by folding the ear. Scissor the hair that hangs down below the line that you clipped from the ear button to the corner of the eye. Then, do the same on the other side. Next, comb the dog’s hair to part the middle. Use the scissor to cut up the sides from the eyes to the ear canal. Continue down to the line at the ear set. Comb the hair to the back of the dog’s head and blend the top knot into the head. Brush the top knot forward; lay your scissors across the nose in slanting position away from the dog. Scissor from the outside edge, and into the center of the top knot. Comb up the top knot using a greyhound comb and take off any extra hair for the final shaping of the top knot.

There are still a lot of dog haircuts. These haircuts may be suitable for your dog but it all depends on its breed and the type of hair. Some haircuts may not be suitable for other breeds. You can ask for what’s best for your dog from a licensed dog groomer at nearby pet grooming services in your area or dial a mobile pet grooming services provider for convenience.