Different Cat Haircuts

You might wonder or yet get vexed as how grooming a cat makes cat lovers thrilled and excited? Simple, pet grooming has been raised on a different level. Not only does it cleanliness being maintained but also shows style and swag. They got to look trendy and clean at the same time. Simple trimming might do the trick to keep your cats looking neat and clean. Nonetheless, cats that are prone to matting may require professional help.

Lion Cut

The Lion cut involves shaving closer to the body of the cat while fur on the shoulder, head, legs, and end of the tail are left longer. This style reminds you of an iconic appearance of a fearless lion. It looks astonishing and is of great help to cats that are prone to matting. It also reduces shedding. This type of haircut is often given to Persians and Maine Coons.

Comb Cut

This is the most basic cut for cats. It is a bit similar to lion cut but not quite. A licensed groomer trims the coat down between a half and one inch which allows your cat to stay warm in colder weather while decreasing shedding, matting and hairballs. This type of haircut improves hygiene and allows easy inspection of the skin enabling you to check the cat’s overall health status even down beneath their skin.

Belly Shave

The name speaks for itself, Belly Shave. The area most prone to matting is the underside of the cat especially to long-haired cats. With this type of cat, belly shave is recommended. Usually the belly is shaved close to the skin but the rest of the fur is kept long. Because a cat’s skin is incredibly sensitive and requires intensive professional training, it is recommended for cat grooming to be under the care of a licensed groomer.

Hygiene Cut

Although this type of cut is of cut is not as stylish as other cuts, it keeps cats clean and looking neat. It is also known as sanitary cut or sanitary clip. It generally refers to when a groomer trims the hair near the cat’s anus to get rid of litter and clumps that stuck in the fur. This is a practical choice for longhair breeds as well as overweight cats that have trouble cleaning them.

Different Cat Haircuts

Panther Cut

The Panther cut is slightly similar to lion cut but is more extreme. A larger area of fur is shaved off, only leaving fur on the head and legs untouched. This is a preferred cut for cats that are prone to matting especially, when matting occurs at the neck.

Kitten Clip

This is a complete trim for long-haired cats. The end result of this cut is similar to the usual length of a short-haired cat. The overall appearance looks cute and looks hygienic. It prevents a cat from matting and shedding.

Cats that are prone to matting may require professional help of a licensed pet groomer. When that situation calls for a need to seek professional help then look for cat grooming services available in your area and choose the perfect cat haircut you can avail.