The Perks of Mobile Pet Grooming

It is a self-contained custom van that arrives in your homes and offers professional service to care for your pets’ grooming needs. Preferred nowadays by pet lovers and today’s busy pet owners, the idea of a pet grooming at home service is widely loved and accepted. Convenience, a touch of indulgence and exclusive attention for your pet makes it desirable to avail. The van is customized to accommodate the needs of your dog and cat; furnished with table, clippers, lights and more. A hot water heater is also available to ensure the perfect bath temperature and therapeutic bathing system that cleans and soothes your pet.

The van is fully equipped with an inverter that supplies electricity with about sixty-five gallons of water reservoir and a separate tank that can hold another sixty-five gallons of dirt that is emptied later back at the office. Therefore, there is no need for pet owners to offer their own resources to the dallas mobile pet grooming service.

You will pay more for mobile pet grooming services over non-mobile pet grooming services, but not much. An average cost will be around ten to twenty dollars which is worth it considering the benefits.

The Perks of Mobile Pet Grooming
  • It saves time and no need to wait for any behind schedules. No need to take the hassle of driving to and picking up your pet.
  • The pet gets undivided attention since no other pets will be the inside the van once session starts.
  • There is less exposure to pets that are infected or ill

Could there be anything more convenient than walking your dog and cat out the front door and into the hands of a pet groomer? You don’t have to get yourself ready or your pet ready for a ride. Before you know it, the session will be done in a jiffy and your pet can go back home. Make a phone call and schedule your appointments at the nearest pet mobile grooming office today.

Proper Pomeranian Grooming

With regards to grooming, a Pomeranian needs a higher level of maintenance. It needs more frequent and detailed grooming tasks that involve patience and attention. However, a Pomeranian can tolerate these routine when started at a young age. The Pomeranian has immense tolerance to being touched and may grow to enjoy grooming sessions in the long run.

For health reasons, a structured routine is recommended. To avoid any irregularities of the hair and overall health, dog cleaning should be done on a regular basis.


The Pomeranian is famous for its long coat. There is no need to shave its coat. If the inner layer is shaved, the coat may never grow back and shaving it does little for comfort or function trimming is perfectly fine. Trimming is usually done by a professional dog groomer in the area to keep the coat looking nice and to get rid of excess fur especially the paw.

To keep it neat and tidy, a minor trim can be done two to three months as needed. This is to straighten out the pieces that may have grown longer than the others. The minor trim involves trimming about 1/8 to ¼ inch of dried looking tips. Trimming this off allows the longer guard hairs to project properly and to maintain that rounded look on its appearance.

For hygienic reasons, a Pomeranian’s anal area is also trimmed or shaved. This is a great help in keeping the dog clean since feces tend to stick on long hairs on that area.

Nail Care

Nail trimming should be done two to three months without fail. You may need a professional’s help with this task though it is also possible to do it on your own. An electric grinder works better than a nail clipper and reduces the chance of making mistakes. It simply files the nail down as opposed to cutting. The only disadvantage is the noise.

Long nails make noises when a dog walks on hard surface. Though, it does not harm the dog at first. It is important to care for the nails as it will become ingrown nails later on.

Grooming the Coat

Set a reasonable time for your Pomeranian to be groomed. Putting effort into grooming a dog can be stressful but rewarding. This breed of dog is famous for having soft fur. If taken well enough, the Pomeranian will look splendid on its own. Here are some tips that could help improve a Pomeranian’s appearance.

  • Make changes of the dog’s fur style depending on the season. They require more fur care than expected.
  • Brush the hair on a regular basis to avoid tangles and matting on the coat. Comb, then brush. Then, comb again. If tangling is noticed, lather hands with dog conditioner and work out the knot. If you are not able to remove the knot, then cut it with sharp scissors.
  • Never brush its dry coat. Doing this overtime will eventually will ruin the fur. The fur may develop split ends or even removal of the protective layer might occur as a result.
  • Use a leave on conditioner on coat when necessary. This protects coat from constant friction and helps prevent dead ends. It can also protect the coat from being damage from the harmful sun’s rays. Not only does it have protective properties, it can also bring a nice scent to its fur.
  • Use a quality dog wash. Human shampoos are not suitable for dogs. It dries the coat, making it brittle and prone to split ends. Ordinary dog shampoo can also produce the same results as human shampoo. So, find the best quality shampoo you can or ask an excellent dog groomer about it.
  • Purchase the right grooming tools to achieve best results. If the right tools are used, the oils in the shaft will be evenly distributed to the fur making it healthy and fluffy.
  • Slicker brush- great for pulling out shredded hairs
  • Pin brush- best used for grooming
  • Double-sided metal comb- excellent tool for checking tangles. The wider teeth side is good for the whole coat while the other side with fine teeth is good for small areas such as the face and near ears.

Dog Bath

The best time to begin cleaning the puppies is when they reach six to seven weeks old or when the mother stops cleaning them. Before it reaches the age of eight weeks old, the owner must wipe down the puppy with a soft washcloth and warm water. Begin touching your puppy at this stage so that it gets used to being handled by its owner.

Begin bathing by using warm water. Use a basin as small as a kitchen sink with nonslip mat laid at the bottom. Fill the basin with one to two inches of warm water before putting the puppy inside. Be careful not to allow water to enter the ear canal. Then, scrub all areas of the body that includes legs, underbelly and tail. Use a spray nozzle when possible. This allows water to reach the skin, letting the water to properly rinse out of the fur. Proper rinsing is essential as this prevents cake formation. Towel dries after rinsing. Do not rub on the coat but tap it by using a towel in a gentle motion.

Keep your Pomeranian healthy and well-groomed. A healthy Pomeranian has a happy owner.

Mobile Pet Spa as a Business Venture

Mobile pet spa concept has been around for a long time. Within the past few years, its business caught the eyes of pet lovers who see the real value of this wonderful service. Pet owners love the hassle-free idea of getting their pets groomed just outside their homes, inside a comfy van. Before they know it, dog grooming is done. This business venture is good for future entrepreneurs who wish to explore on rendering grooming services to pets and their pet owners. Here are some of the reasons why you should try investing in this business.

Mobile Pet Spa as a Business Venture
  • The workplace is comfortable. There are no interruptions like phone calls and customers going in and out since you will be rendering service for one pet at a time.
  • You will get to know your customers better. Their wants and desires for their pets will be catered with undivided attention.
  • The groomer’s work is light and you got to have breaks in between giving services to pets.
  • You can work at your own time and space.
  • The pay is higher with dallas mobile cat grooming services than the ordinary ones. Since customers can get the convenience that they want, you can take pride of taking enough compensation for yourself.
  • The idea of mobile pet services is unique. So, customers will get excited and pass their experience and stories to families and friends.
  • No need to pay rent for the building. This business uses a customized van with water tanks, beds, and equipment. There is no need to clean such a large workplace too.
Mobile Pet Spa as a Business Venture

Whether you’re a dog or cat lover, or just interested in the pet industry. This kind of opportunity is great for business minded people who also love to take care of pets. It is affordable and could be a hit.

How to Do Trendy Dog Haircuts

Whether long-haired or short haired, dogs need to be clean and looking good at all times. Grooming your dog, brushing its fur and trimming are ways you could keep them clean. Haircuts are also necessary to keep their hair from matting and shedding. Here are some of the dog haircuts suitable for different breeds.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a simple haircut. It is an easy maintenance cut and can be done by anyone. Basically, it is the next step beyond the summer cut.

Take out your grooming tools and start by dog cleaning. After a cleanup, the hair transformation starts. Lift the hair up by using a comb so it stands up from the body and legs. This will help in easily cutting through the hair. Start cutting the base of the skull. Following the lay of the coat, clip the hair on the neck, shoulders, chest, body and legs. Include the underside part in cutting.

Lamb Trim

A lamb trim is good for different types of dogs especially the long-haired dogs. It will look good on poodles, terriers, large breeds and toy breeds. It is an all-purpose haircut, good for cooling and reducing shedding.

Prepare the grooming tools like number seven clipper blade and number four clipper blade. Clip the neck area to the shoulder are with number seven clipper blade. Clip down the front and blend it off at the chest. Then, clip the back and body, blend it off at the shoulders and hip. Creating a smooth transition from the short hair to the long hair is the key to achieve this look. Continue around the underside and take care of the growing hair on part too.

Teddy Bear Trim

Groomers define teddy bear trim as one length or the same length all over the body and legs. This cut should bring out the cuteness of the dog. The hair length is about a half to one inch from the skin.

With your dog facing away, start cutting the top of back, shaping the body then down to the rear legs. Now, turn the dog towards you. Lower its head down, and cut the hair on the neck and the shoulders. Blend it off into the front legs and around the chest. Cut the hair on the rear the same way you cut the front legs. Blend it down until you reach the hip and into the leg. You can use scissors or clippers

Poodle Top Knot

Top knot is a hair on the top of the head. It is usually done to poodles, a style that would permit putting a bow on the long hair at the top of the head. It looks more like a poufy poodle style.

The groomer must place the dog in a sitting position. Expose the ear canal by folding the ear. Scissor the hair that hangs down below the line that you clipped from the ear button to the corner of the eye. Then, do the same on the other side. Next, comb the dog’s hair to part the middle. Use the scissor to cut up the sides from the eyes to the ear canal. Continue down to the line at the ear set. Comb the hair to the back of the dog’s head and blend the top knot into the head. Brush the top knot forward; lay your scissors across the nose in slanting position away from the dog. Scissor from the outside edge, and into the center of the top knot. Comb up the top knot using a greyhound comb and take off any extra hair for the final shaping of the top knot.

There are still a lot of dog haircuts. These haircuts may be suitable for your dog but it all depends on its breed and the type of hair. Some haircuts may not be suitable for other breeds. You can ask for what’s best for your dog from a licensed dog groomer at nearby pet grooming services in your area or dial a mobile pet grooming services provider for convenience.

Guide to Achieving Good Health of Your Dog

There are a lot of things to consider when raising a dog. It is not an easy task but there are ways to make it happen. It’s only natural that you will want to do the best for your dog, to extend its life and live happily while they are with you in their days. The following are guides to achieving that good health.


One of the most important aspects of raising a dog is giving it the right nutrition for energy and growth. Feeding your dog, a well-balanced quality meal is one way to prolong its life. In choosing the perfect dog food, you need to check the label. The dog food must consist of meat and vegetables. Avoid common dog fillers such as Ethoxyquin, BHT/BHA, Corn Syrup, Propylene Glycol, and animal byproducts. Taste test on the food you are going to give to your dog. Keep an eye on it after feeding it with dog food you have chosen. Some dogs show sensitivity or intolerance. Watch out for vomiting, diarrhea, or skin reaction. If possible, see a veterinarian to help you in choosing the right dog food to give.

Guide to Achieving Good Health of Your Dog

Not all human foods are edible for dogs. Some can hurt or even kill a dog. These human foods should not be fed to the dogs. Examples of these foods are grapes; avocados, chocolate, raisin, onion, garlic, alcohol, chives, and xylitol-containing foods. These foods are all toxic when given to dogs.

Guide to Achieving Good Health of Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs need water to properly digest the food they eat. Fluids play a vital role in the metabolism and production of energy. Water should be clean and fresh. Change the water every day. Clean the bowl with dish soap and water each day unfailingly to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in the bowl especially during the warm weather.

Weight Control

Dogs also have ideal weight just like humans. If they fall into the ten to twenty percent excess weight, your dog will be considered overweight. A twenty percent overweight is considered obese. These obese dogs are prone to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, and urinary bladder stones. Consult a veterinarian for the ideal weight and for the right food to give. Always refer to the dog food package listed and compare it with the ideal food intake referred to you by the veterinarian.


Grooming your dog is part of health maintenance. Grooming should be done on a regular basis. Brush the fur regularly to keep it healthy and shiny. This also improves the blood circulation, ensuring that oxygen and nutrients are evenly distributed to the body. This is also an opportunity for you to check the skin underneath the hair. Check for lumps, ticks, flea or cysts. Redness, scabs or lumps should be seen immediately by a veterinarian for treatment.

Nail Clipping
  • Clipping the nail may be a difficult task that should be done. Dogs may fuss and you could get yourself bitten if the dog is not used to being handled. There is also a probability that you will injure your dog if not done properly. Be careful not cut the area where there are nerves and blood vessels. This area is called the “quick.” Cutting this area may result to bleeding and pain. If you aren’t sure, then refer to a veterinarian or a groomer.
  • Visit affordable dog grooming service providers if unsure of getting the nail clipping done by you.
Brushing the Teeth
  • Brushing your dog’s teeth should be done every day. This enables the removal of plaque and bacterial build up. This is also an opportunity to check soreness, redness, inflammation on the mouth, damaged or loose teeth. A licensed dog groomer could be delegated to the task but it is still best to do it, as pet owners should know their dental health firsthand.
  • Use dental toothpaste made for dogs. Fluoride found in toothpaste for humans are poisonous to dogs. So, it is best to use the recommended toothpaste for dogs.
  • Bring your dog to a veterinarian for dental cleaning. The dog will be sedated before the examination and cleaning is performed.
Ear Care
  • The ears shouldn’t smell nor have discharges. The inner part of the ear should be white but some dogs may possess dark colored inner ears. Inspect it by flipping the ear gently. It should be clean, dirt free, and parasite free. These should be carefully removed if found.
  • Use a product specifically made for dogs. If not available, use solution half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol. Apply enough solution to the cotton ball and gently wipe the dog’s ears. Stop wiping if blood stains are found on the cotton. Seek a veterinarian if this happens.
  • Observe your dog for excessive head shaking, pawing or scratching at the ear. Waxy, fluid, and brownish discharges are abnormal and should be notified to the vet immediately for proper treatment. This could indicate infection.


Most dogs nowadays are kept inside owners’ homes. However, if your dog is kept outside, the dog’s shelter must be kept insulated. The dog should be provided with warm bedding for colder climates and shade for warmer weather. If possible, do not chain your dog for too long. This can lead to leg and neck injuries.


Dogs need exercise. It keeps the blood circulated where in nutrients and oxygen is carried to vital organs. Ten to fifteen minutes of walk is already a good exercise, although it depends on the breed. A game of fetch or Frisbee could also be a good form of exercise. It is challenging to them and it makes them active. With this, you are not only keeping your dog healthy, your relationship with your dog is enhanced.

Exercise also helps a dog from turning away from its bad habit like biting and earring up things. It also lowers down aggression and keeps your dog’s weight within the ideal range.

Socializing your dog

Carefully introduce your dog to people, other dogs and animals and places outside the home environment. Take your dog on drives to get used to riding a car. Walk around the neighborhood and dog parks as much as possible. This will enhance its social aspect. As long as the dog is not feeling scared or threatened.

Lastly, visit the Veterinarian and schedule for routine check-ups and vaccination. Keep your dog healthy. Follow these guidelines to keep them ill free and happy.

Feline Care 101: Feeding and Cat Grooming

Cats were worshipped and heralded during ancient times in Egypt. They believed cats were sacred animals to their gods and thus, it would be rightful to regard cats as honored and valued members of their household. Since then, they have remained valuable to several families not just in Egypt but around the world.

Cat lovers who knew all about their cats would know exactly why Egyptians would feel that way. Aside from having adorable appearance, cats are considered superior amongst the animal world. They have exceptional sense of smell, sight, taste, and excellent predators to their prey. They could also take care of themselves particularly with their grooming by washing themselves several times a day. For the most part, cats can take care of themselves but still they need their owners to care for them.

Feeding your cat

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering the type of food to give to your cat is to remember that they are carnivores. Cats are different from humans with this aspect. They need more meat for protein and for fat. When choosing a cat food, it is vital to check the label first before purchasing. One should look for the standards set by American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to ensure that nutritional needs are met. Asking the vet in choosing what the best food for your cat is gives you an idea of what to do.

Once you’ve made a choice, do a cat taste test first. This is to ensure that your cat won’t develop gastrointestinal upsets later on. If the cat does not develop any untoward reactions, then you have chosen well.

How to make cat grooming enjoyable for the pet and their owner

Cat grooming sessions need not harbor hostility and traumatic experience from their care takers. It can also be made enjoyable for both parties. Make sure that your cat is relaxed before scheduling cat grooming sessions. The best time would be after an exercise or after eating. Dealing it in a positive way will make pet grooming experience fun and enjoyable, without the risk of losing your own patience and temper.

Make sessions short for about five to ten minutes on the very first session of feline grooming helps. Gradually increase the time as your pet gets familiar with the routine. Allow your pet to get used to your handling little by little. By petting every single part of your cat including ears, belly, head, back, tail and feet before pet grooming sessions will help them open up to you. Unfortunately, most cats do not like baths and you may need assistance. You may need another person’s help or alternatively visit pet grooming services offered nearest in your area.

Cat Bath

Prepare the needed materials, so that once started everything is within reach. The needed items are:

  • A large plastic bucket, sink or bath
  • Shower nozzle or jug
  • Warm water
  • Cat shampoo
  • Cat conditioner
  • Towels

After gathering these items prepare your cat and yourself for cat bathing.

Feline Care 101: Feeding and Cat Grooming
  • Use enough warm water to fill the bath. Then, slowly and calmly lower your cat into the water. Don’t make sudden movements that will make your cat more anxious.
  • Apply small amounts of cat shampoo and warm water to areas that are more likely dirtied and contaminated.
  • If a full body bath is needed, avoid the head and concentrate on lathering the rest of the body including the tail. It is easier to take the cat out of the water during this part and place it on the towel especially when using medicated cat shampoo for certain reasons.
  • If the face needs cleaning, use a damp cloth only to wipe away the dirt.
  • Rinse thoroughly when they are ready. Use the nozzle or a jug of warm water for rinsing. Gently dry those with towel after reassuring there are no residues left on hair. Then, allow your cat to shake off the excess water.


Brushing the hair is a good practice of grooming a cat. It removes dirt, conditions hair by spreading natural oils, preventing tangles. For short-haired cats, you only need to brush the hair once a week.

  • Use a metal comb and brush the fur from head to tail
  • Next, use a bristled rubber brush to remove loose hair. Be extra gentle when combing the belly and chest

Long-haired cats need more combing than short-haired cats. Their hair needs to be brush every day. Start by combing the belly and chest while carefully untangling the knots. Then, brush the fur with a bristled rubber brush using upward motion. Part down the middle and brush out on either side to brush the tail.

Nail Clipping

Nail trimming can be a traumatic experience for both pet and owners. The cat may get upset when suddenly confronted with a new experience especially nail trimming. Getting a scratch or two from a scared cat would stress owners. So, it is a good idea that your cat gets used to being touched on the feet or paws. Rub your hand on your cat’s leg, stroking it up and down. Gently press each individual toe and give her praises and food treats as reward. Within a week of repeating these steps, your cat will then accept nail clipping without too much fuss.

Feline Care 101: Feeding and Cat Grooming
  • Gently apply on the top of the foot and the cushiony pad underneath that allows extending its claws
  • Next, use sharp cat nail scissors to cut off the white tip of each nail
  • Careful to avoid the quick, a vein that runs into the nail. It is a pink area easily seen through the nail. If you accidentally cut through the pink area, apply some styptic powder to stop the bleeding.
  • If the cat makes a big fuss, postpone nail clipping and reschedule when the cat is calmer. Continue to give massages until it gets used to your handling.
Feline Care 101: Feeding and Cat Grooming

Although there are several affordable pet grooming services available anywhere, it is still best to know how to care for your own cat. Owners have the responsibility to make their pet fit and happy after all.

Different Cat Haircuts

You might wonder or yet get vexed as how grooming a cat makes cat lovers thrilled and excited? Simple, pet grooming has been raised on a different level. Not only does it cleanliness being maintained but also shows style and swag. They got to look trendy and clean at the same time. Simple trimming might do the trick to keep your cats looking neat and clean. Nonetheless, cats that are prone to matting may require professional help.

Lion Cut

The Lion cut involves shaving closer to the body of the cat while fur on the shoulder, head, legs, and end of the tail are left longer. This style reminds you of an iconic appearance of a fearless lion. It looks astonishing and is of great help to cats that are prone to matting. It also reduces shedding. This type of haircut is often given to Persians and Maine Coons.

Comb Cut

This is the most basic cut for cats. It is a bit similar to lion cut but not quite. A licensed groomer trims the coat down between a half and one inch which allows your cat to stay warm in colder weather while decreasing shedding, matting and hairballs. This type of haircut improves hygiene and allows easy inspection of the skin enabling you to check the cat’s overall health status even down beneath their skin.

Belly Shave

The name speaks for itself, Belly Shave. The area most prone to matting is the underside of the cat especially to long-haired cats. With this type of cat, belly shave is recommended. Usually the belly is shaved close to the skin but the rest of the fur is kept long. Because a cat’s skin is incredibly sensitive and requires intensive professional training, it is recommended for cat grooming to be under the care of a licensed groomer.

Hygiene Cut

Although this type of cut is of cut is not as stylish as other cuts, it keeps cats clean and looking neat. It is also known as sanitary cut or sanitary clip. It generally refers to when a groomer trims the hair near the cat’s anus to get rid of litter and clumps that stuck in the fur. This is a practical choice for longhair breeds as well as overweight cats that have trouble cleaning them.

Different Cat Haircuts

Panther Cut

The Panther cut is slightly similar to lion cut but is more extreme. A larger area of fur is shaved off, only leaving fur on the head and legs untouched. This is a preferred cut for cats that are prone to matting especially, when matting occurs at the neck.

Kitten Clip

This is a complete trim for long-haired cats. The end result of this cut is similar to the usual length of a short-haired cat. The overall appearance looks cute and looks hygienic. It prevents a cat from matting and shedding.

Cats that are prone to matting may require professional help of a licensed pet groomer. When that situation calls for a need to seek professional help then look for cat grooming services available in your area and choose the perfect cat haircut you can avail.

Checklists of Grooming Shih Tzu at Home

Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed also known as the Chrysanthemum dog. Though its name means little lion too, it is the complete opposite of a fierce looking lion. It is adorably cute, homely and friendly to people. Whether its hair is long or short, still it looks cute. But most often the long hair Shih Tzu experiences matting which makes dog grooming necessary for them.

Shih Tzu Grooming at Home

It is recommended to pet owners to start pet grooming at home as early as possible, much better if started when it is still a puppy. By grooming your dog from the day it was brought, conditions its mind for grooming to be part of its routine. The puppy will learn that brushing and handled as part of its routine. Thus, avoiding too much fuss and protest later in life.

An easy routine will not take more than five to ten minutes each day. It improves the dog’s well-being and enhances pet and pet owner relationship.

  • Assess the dog’s eyes for swelling and soreness. The Shih Tzu’s eyes are sensitive and its hairs often run down to its eyes causing staining. This is not alarming but it looks a bit mucky. For this reason, you can purchase a dog wash or shampoo for staining.
  • Trim your dog’s fringe or feet when necessary. Get a pair of scissors in case you will need it.
  • Check its ears for discharge. Sniff it and identify if it is malodorous. Malodorous ear could indicate infection or ear mites which needs a medical attention. See a vet if this happens.
  • Inspect its teeth and gums for swelling. Brushing its teeth could be a good. Make sure approved toothpaste and brush is used.
  • Comb his body all throughout. Gently untangle the hairs that are clumped.
  • Lift each paw and inspect. Pretend to snip his nails with clippers. This is a good practice for it to get used to the actual nail clipping.
  • Check the anal area for swelling. Check for impacted or infected glands seen on either side of its side. If this occurs, schedule a visit to the vet.

Professional Shih Tzu Grooming

If you don’t have the time grooming your dog, then seek professional help at your local dog groomers nearby. Most Shih Tzu wear their coats clipped. It is manageable this way. They need clipping every few two to three months. Ask for recommendations from friends or pet lovers for affordable dog grooming services before taking a registration. A professional groomer will offer you several clip styles that is suitable to you and your dog.